ivSoft's recipe for success

Designing and developing superior Web sites and software applications is no accident

—it requires a precise blend of technologies, creativity, project management, engineering and collaboration. ivSoft’s development process continually delivers the solutions our clients expect.

Thanks to our powerful methodology, we expertly define, design, develop and deliver high quality Web sites and Applications. Here’s a closer look at each phase in our process:

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    In the Define phase, we focus on understanding your business, researching your industry, and defining how a Web site or software application can help you achieve your business goals. We then document the vision and scope of your project, and outline the strategies, concepts and technologies for reaching your goals. From here, we are able to estimate the project cost and delivery timeline.

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    ivSoft’s Creative Team will work with you to identify and define your project’s visual aesthetic. With the information gathered will create and present design concepts. Best-of-breed design practices will be applied to ensure your project’s look reflects your brand image and will resonate positively with your target audiences at every point of contact.

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    This is where the magic happens. Using the project designs approved during the Design phase, we will insert the graphics and client-supplied text into the development environment and unleash our Development Team to make it a living, breathing application.


    Our Quality Assurance Team plays a prominent role in this phase as we test and fine tune to make sure your application works exactly as we defined in the Define phase, looks exactly as we promised in the Design phase, and that it performs consistently across the proper mediums and platforms. Finally, we will present the functioning site for your review and train you to maintain the content.

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    After you have rigorously tested and approved our work, we will “launch” your new Web site or application. For a limited period of time, we will provide transition support to ensure that your staff can support the site as determined by you. We can provide ongoing support if it is desired.